Osama Elfar

Osama Elfar

Richardson, TX, US



We were invited to participate in the design of the new Headquarters for the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority. The site selected was surrounded on three sides by existing structures and the local codes allowed for only 60% lot coverage. Our challenge was to create a grand statement with the new headquarters building while working within the given constraints.Our solution incorporated an 8-story tall grand gate which reflected the power of the Authority while creating a semi-enclosed inner plaza and provided natural lighting and views along the full depth of the building. The Executive Offices located above the gate were constructed of glass curtain wall providing 270 degree views.

The remaining building materials and colors were chosen to reflect the nature of the building function. Floor plans were developed to accommodate the different departments within the Authority while being sensitive to necessary adjacency and shared services. Flexibility was incorporated into the office layouts so that inevitable changes could be executed without major reconstruction. 
The inner sky plaza was designed as a centerpiece entrance for visiting VIPs. This building is an example of how creativity can be used to make a landmark building within a district of concrete ‘boxes’ all while conforming to demanding project constraints.

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Status: Built
Location: Abu Dhabi, AE
My Role: Concept designer, Design manager