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    // Multi-Objective Design Optimization

    Michael S Bergin
    Nov 30, '11 1:11 PM EST

    Working within a parametric interface with a genetic algorithm solver has been a real treat over the past year, thanks to Galapagos. The integration of simulation engines with the parametric interface has enabled much discovery and introspection into the possibilities that such a workflow could enable. Here is a test that I did last month generating an optimal solar envelope for a high rise building that maintained the volume, area and height of the initial volume within a given solution space. 

    Now integrating structural analysis tools and energy simulation as a component of my thesis project. If you're still in the academic world, I hope you have a great remainder of the semester as things kick into high gear.

    Solar Optimization from Constrained Parametric Model


    • emesghali

      what exactly was the software you were using? i see that it was directly modifying your volume in rhino.

      Dec 3, 11 12:50 pm  · 

      The software is grasshopper, and the genetic algorithm solver, Galapagos.

      Dec 3, 11 11:29 pm  · 

      oh cewl! so is the solver you have running tied to ecotect or is there a way to have sun optimization built into Galapagos alone? 

      Dec 4, 11 12:25 am  · 

      This requires Ecotect or DIVA as far as I know. There may be a native daylighting plug-in for Grasshopper that I'm not aware of.

      Dec 3, 12 11:01 pm  · 

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