Architects of Invention

Architects of Invention

London, GB | Tbilisi, GE


National Olympic Committee House

Fact Sheet

Project - Office Building Interior
Status - Built
Location - 22 Machabeli str. Tbilisi, Georgia
Program - Olympic Museum, Geonoch Offices
Building Area - 2000m2
Budget - 1m USD


Niko Japaridze, Gogiko Sakvarelidze, Nika Maisuradze,Viliana Guliashvili, Ivane Ksnelashvili, Devi Kituashvili PM, Eka Japaridze

Photographs - Nakanimamasakhlisi Photo Lab, Nika Mdivani, I. Kopocova


This work represents the idea of dynamics in sport with the abstract compositions of the staircase and the reception table. The first object you encounter is the introverted desk with its never-ending fissure, and then you meet the extroverted staircase - like the open path to Olympus, where the summit meets its own reflection, inferring that striving never ends, that there is no limit to human achievement.

The building was built at the end of the XIX century for a private investor and it was later used as the residence of one of the leaders of the Communist party. Later it was renovated in the 1960's for government purposes and remained untouched until this year.

The structure was reinforced at the basement level which allowed us to make significant openings in the walls of the upper stories and place the staircase so it shifted from one space to another thus penetrating the structure.

The staircase was constructed on a steel base with MDF panels and it was finished with maple veneer. The steps and the side railings were made from the same wood.

The staircase was completed in three months.

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Status: Built
Location: 29 Machabeli str. Tbilisi, GE