Etrizena Ferraj

Etrizena Ferraj

London, GB


Low cost housing -UK

This is a project for low-cost community homes that were thought to be installed across UK offering affordable rent 

The community of the low-cost housing is based on a modular concept

The reasons are because the modules have some advantages in these kind of projects.

Since this is a project that covers not a specific plot of land but will be incorporated in different parking lots of London the modular system allows you to install and produce more easily these modules and when it comes to uninstallation the community can still function if you remove a part of the modules


The main advantages are in the production because time is money and in ease of installation and uninstallation


There are 3 kind of modules

1.Housing module

2.Public space module

3.Stair module


Each of these modules has it own modules as well and its own structure so when we install a specific number of houses we don’t have to calculate the structure because each has its own so we don’t have to produce a  new platform for each area that this project will be built  but we have the house with its own platform that can be installed with the other modules in order to create a community

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: London, GB
My Role: architect