Memphis, TN


archimania received half of AIA TN Design Awards

By archimania
Sep 28, '17 5:55 PM EST

Below are links to archimania’s winning projects and a few jury comments.


Tech901 - Award of Excellence

"This project had minimal intervention, yet the most impact. The jury felt the organizing spine was an important navigational element."

Memphis Teacher Residency - Merit Award

"The jury felt this project had a strong presence in the atrium of a building and brought the public realm up, into the space…a storefront in the sky."

Mama Gaia - Merit Award

"The space was masterfully optimized. A lot was accomplished with very little added."

Live at the Garden - Merit Award

"This project was recognized as a successful assemblage of buildings that merged with the natural environment; the architecture acting as a frame to the various events that occurred there."

Woodard Residence - Merit Award

"The building draws in the energy of the site as it becomes an urban marker or relic. We felt the massing and articulation were very artful and just well-proportioned with energizing scale-shifts.The materials are simple and relate well to the forms of the architecture."