Raffaele Malaguti

Raffaele Malaguti

Panama City, Panama


Centro Morara

It's is a small building, but i'm fond of it.  It's a youth multimedial center Built for the town of Bologna in Italy. Money were scarce and time scarce as well. I designed it  (from preliminary sketches to executive design) in a couple of month and we built (i was the site manager and HS coordinator) it in 6 month ( I can assure you that is a very small time in Italy).

It's a two storey building with a concrete structure and masonry facades. It's a symmetrical buildin divided by a central body with steel and glass structure.

At ground floor, besides a hall with stairs and elevator, there's a bar and a room where you can listen to music connecting to a server loaded with a great number of songs, using and headphone set, confortably sitting in an harmchair. At first floor you'll find a soundproof room where people can play music live. There're also offices and of course restrooms .

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Status: Built
Location: Bologna IT
My Role: Designer and site manager and HS coordinator