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AC Veracruz

On April 22nd, 1519, a Passion Friday, a group of Spaniards reaches la Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz. The name of the place, Rich Village of the True Cross, reflects the exuberance of Nature, and their religious beliefs. During the first days of July that year, Hernan Cortes, a clever guy with political skills, organizes the first local government in continental America, which he leads. 

A little bit more than 500 years later, a splendid AC hotel rises up in Boca del Rio. AC is a firm characterized by the combination of its urban experience and European design. The contemporary areas of this building emphasize the local features, using patterns and materials from the area. The project faced the challenge of translating the ways of AC to a Mexican market, without losing a unique environment.

The facades of the hotel play with solid and sheer elements, following the rhythm of the interiors. The limited dimensions of the property, and its position, made the architects focus on a new interpretation of the volumes, searching for solutions to grant the users a sea view comfort, and accommodation in spacious multi-purpose Illuminated places.

Indoors, the color palette is but a dialog between the European traditions, keeping their balance, and the endemic textures and shades. The double height of the restaurant is crowned by a specially designed lamp, which multiplies, ad infinitum, touching reflections. The facility is opened to the veranda and a swimming pool.

In the rooms you can breathe freedom and expansion, since bathroom and bedroom are integrated, without any loss of privacy. The back of the sink becomes the headboard. Both, the room and the furniture play protagonist roles. 

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Status: Built
Location: Veracruz, MX
Firm Role: Architect and Interior Designer