Aaron Neubert Architects

Aaron Neubert Architects

Los Angeles, CA


Canyon House

The site for this 4000 sf residence consists of a steep descending hillside property within
the Hollywood Hills. Constructed adjacent to the street to permit access to the foyer and
garage, the home’s entry experience is developed to screen the courtyard and stair hall
from passing automobile lights and noise. In contrast, and due to the potential for
panoramic views of Los Angeles and the adjacent Runyon Canyon and Wattles Canyon
Parks, our design approach focused on creating transparency at the rear of the home with
fixed and operable floor to ceiling glazing, opening the interior to the natural environment.

In addition, the middle level of the home is porous to create semi-autonomous, but
connected living spaces. The main stair core was configured as a "stair room" that mediates
the three floors of the house. This room is fitted with varying scales and dimensions of
stairs, display areas, and materials to enrich the experience and to present the stair as a
sculptural element within the center of the home. The triple height stair core, in conjunction
with strategically located operable windows and skylights, acts to naturally ventilate the
residence, and provide access to all floors. The entry garden is framed and incorporated within
the stair experience.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Structural Engineer: SAP Engineering / General Contractor: deKrassel Construction
/ Structural Steel: Banks Welding / Custom Fabrication: Dan Taron, Chris Taus, and John
Dunne / Photography: Brian Thomas Jones