anupa reddy sarasam

anupa reddy sarasam

Hyderabad, India



~~ Architecture & Design ~~
Inspiration is all around!! 
I developed this thinking in my core foundation years at SCI-ARC. 
My inter-disciplinary interests lead me to explore / de-code basic rules in each discipline and experiment by re-applying them outside their comfort zone, resulting in contemporary hybridised solutions.

~~ DE-TALES Design Studio ~~
Mission : To constantly push the boundaries of architecture and to experiment with new spatial concepts.

DE-TALES Design Studio strives to create Design that inspires, approaching each project, regardless of size and scale, with an understanding that architecture has a unique power to influence lifestyle and society. The studio's forte, residing in its name, is attention to details, concepts and customization. 
The crossover between art and architecture is a springing point for our design philosophy, which takes each project as a new challenge. 
The work is often informed by experimenting with concepts and techniques outside the architectural profession, including music, science, and computation, and integrating the disciplines / techniques of cultural research, graphic art and architectural design to create experientially dense environments. 


Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Los Angeles, CA, US, BArch, Bachelor's

Jul 2007 - Sep 2011