Antonio Inglese

Antonio Inglese

Salerno, IT

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Born in Milan, Italy, I am architect with more than 25 years experience. After overseeing as design director, the landscape renovation of a 30-hectare quarry in Salerno, Italy, I set up Metrostudio China in 2007, winning such urban design and landscape projects as Baoan Seafront Park Development in Shenzhen and Banyan Tree Resort and Hotel in Chongqing. In 2010, I was appointed as expert consultant for the Shenzhen Administration, Baoan Central District, Public Works Department, where I attend juries for international competitions. I am currently aware of the complexities of designing and managing high profile designs in both Europe and China, working on projects which seamlessly connect landscape and architecture together.


University of Naples Federico II, Napoli, IT, MArch, Architecture

I studied architecture in Napoli, Italy, receiving a master’s degree before sitting my construction design professional exam in 1995. Later on, I studied at Rome University “La Sapienza” where, in 2005, I received a post master degree in Management of Architectural Complex Projects, having stages at Paris University “La Villette” in France and at Hamburg Technische University in Germany.

Oct 1986 - Jun 1994

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