Antonio De Castro

Antonio De Castro

Brindisi, IT



I’m a young Italian architect, with a Postgraduate Master Degree in Collective Housing. I’m internationally oriented and right now I’m searching for job opportunities outside of Italy.


Self Employed Architect, Brindisi, IT, Architect

Involved in many projects in the field of architecture, urbanism and industrial design.
In September 2012 co-founder of an architectural firm ( in partnership with three architects from Italy, Panama and Uruguay. The firm work is based on a long-distance collaboration using digital communication technologies, involved in many projects delivered between Italy, Panama and Uruguay. The aim of the firm is to propose architectural projects treated in all their aspects, from the business plan to the architectural detail, with particular attention to the aspects related to sustainability, social housing and human shelters. Some of the works the firm carried out in the last year are:

- Sport Spots Brindisi (Italy), a proposal of requalification of the urban space through sport facilities;
- 40 luxury housing units in Isla Saboga (Panama), developed by Grupo del Sol;
- 32 social housing units in Montevideo (Uruguay), private stakeholders;
- International bidding process for the construction of an art pavilion inside the Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura Museum in Mexico City;
- International competition Europan 12, Urretxu (Spain), in collaboration with two Spanish architects and two Spanish experts on decontamination of polluted soil;
- 43 social housing units in Colon, Panama City (Panama).

Sep 2012 - current


Collaboration on the delivering of several public and private projects and international bidding processes. The activities of the office are mainly related to green energy and sustainable buildings. This multi-disciplinary experience was helpful in enlarging my knowledge in many fields related to architecture, construction and environment. It also improved my skills of working together with different professionals in many fields.

Duties and responsibilities:

- Design process supervision;
- Drafting of statement of work documents;
- Elaboration of structural calculations with SAP and Travilog Titanium;
- Developing of BIM models with Revit;
- Elaboration of final construction plans with Autocad and Archicad;
- Establishing and management of client agreements;
- Project financing and cost control;
- On-site observation of work during construction;
- Assistance in obtaining construction bids, selecting contractors, and negotiating construction contracts.

Feb 2011 - current

WYZ Arquitectos, Montevideo, UY, Architectural Consultant

Collaboration for the development of energy efficient houses in Montevideo (Uruguay). Project mainly developed in multilateral collaboration between Italy and Uruguay using digital communication technologies and coordinated from the headquarters in Montevideo. All the stakeholders were based in Montevideo and all the meetings were held in Spanish and English.

Duties and responsibilities included:

- Development of the architecture and urban design from the first sketches to the construction details;
- Coordination of the team work;
- Research on housing typologies in order to incorporate them in the project;
- Supervision of the construction techniques, material used and finishing of the building;
- Supervision of the sustainable aspects of the buildings;
- Elaboration of final construction plans;
- Elaboration of cost analysis and draft estimates;
- Elaboration of 3d models and architectural renders;
- Elaboration of final proposal and project briefing to stakeholders (brochure, renders, estimated costs, etc…)
- Ensure that all the deadlines were accomplished timely.

Jul 2012 - Sep 2012

Inmobiliaria Lykar, Panama City, PA, Architectural Consultant

Collaboration for the development of a new urban area of around 56 hectares including 1000 single and multiple low-cost housing units and public facilities. The plot is located 15km outside Panama City in a new developing area totally empty at the moment, so the most complex part of the design process was to create a comfortable urban ambient for the future citizens. This brought to the need of doing researches together with professionals in the field of sociology and engineers. All meetings were held in English and Spanish. The project in this moment is under approvals.

Duties and responsibilities included:

- Developing of the architecture and urban design from the first sketches to the construction details;
- Coordination of the team work;
- Supervision of the sustainable aspects of the buildings;
- Performing cost analysis and draft estimates;
- Elaboration of 3d models and architectural renders;
- Elaboration of brochures explaining the project and of all the material the investors needed in order to sell the houses.

Feb 2012 - Jul 2012


Architectural firm active in the international field with many projects published in specialized architecture magazines. The office also collaborates with universities and has a research sector on new green technologies. It works between Italy, Africa and Middle-East countries. Collaboration started during my first years of academic studies. I was involved in many projects, between them the most important were:

International bidding process for the construction of a new residential area for 2700 inhabitants in Rome. Includes 12 residential buildings, a church, schools, gyms, football courts, tennis courts and leisure public spaces.

Duties and responsibilities:

- Team member from the first sketches of the idea;
- Assistant in the design process of the housing units and the cycle paths in the park;
- Responsible for developing of 3D models, final renders and layout of the panels;

International architecture competition for the rehabilitation of Villa Delfico in Montesilvano (PE) and creation of a new exposition pavilion.
Duties and responsibilities:
- Team member and responsible for the design process and graphic representation;
- Responsible for developing of 3D models, final renders and layout of the panels;

Oct 2009 - Apr 2010

Blank Studio, Pescara, IT, Collaborator

Collaboration for the delivery of a project for the international architectural competition “Europan 10”, one of the most important architectural competitions in Europe. The area of intervention was the city of Toulouse, France. The project consisted on the development of a new urban settlement next to the city of Toulouse (France), including single and collective housing units, public equipment, etc. The working team was composed by 9 people specialized in different fields of knowledge that worked together in order to deliver a project that was completed not only under the architectural and urban aspects, but also under the social, green and economic ones.

Duties and responsibilities included:

- Responsible for urban planning;
- Responsible for the developing of housing typologies;
- 3D models and final renders with Rhinoceros and Cinema 4D;
- Composition and development of the layout of the panels with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Mar 2009 - Jul 2009

Dezign Studio, Pescara, IT, Collaborator

Architecture and design firm working mainly on green technologies and developing of low budget industrial design products made with recycled materials and km0 technologies. The office has many publications in specialized magazines and collaborates with universities. Collaboration started during the first years of my academic career in order to add to the theoretical education experiences in the field of industrial design. Duties and responsibilities included:

- Design of concepts for industrial design products, interior design and graphic design;
- Development of several projects from the first sketches to the industrial production processes;
- Use of 3d software for the development of study models and final renders of the project;
- Graphic, coordinated images and publication of 2000-2004 report for Abruzzo Lavoro;

Feb 2007 - Jan 2009


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, ES, Masters, Posgraduate Master in Collective Housing

This master explored all the aspects related to human shelters, including the problem of slums around the World and the matter of sustainability and good use of land and energy. We had 7 workshops, 8 assignments and almost every day seminars and lectures. The experience was highly formative and carried out on an international environment with some of the best architects and academics around the World;

Jan 2012 - Sep 2012

Università degli Studi di Chieti, Pescara, Pescara, IT, Masters, Master Degree in Architecture

5 years Master Degree in Architecture. Ended with a thesis project called “Housing Pescara” that explored the relationship between collective housing and hybrid buildings with the aim of requalification and filling of the urban voids in the new school of though of densification against sprawling. It provided the design of the new Abruzzo Regional Government’s building, residential blocks, commercial facilities, services for citizens and residents and a park for sport and leisure; Final dissertation: 110+lode/110 (cum laude).

Sep 2004 - Feb 2011


Premio IQU (Innovazione e Qualità Urbana), Award

With "Sport Spots", a project that transforms small urban spaces in sport facilities. The jury awarded it as one of the most creative and innovative projects for the renovation of urban space.


Il Mobile Significante - Morelato, Honorable Mention

Mentioned project in the design competition “Il mobile significante”. Promoted by Italian furniture factory Morelato; The project was called B-Rex and represented a versatile object for the house.


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