Andrzej Bratkowski

Andrzej Bratkowski

New York, NY, US


Parametric Pavilion

Parametric modelling with Grasshopper for Rhino 5

Form-finding in Rzeszów, PolandA fluid “shape-changer” adapts to variable input parameters.

Based on what I have found throughout the Internet I started my first experimentation with Grasshopper. A Polish architecture firm asked to prepare a skylight pavilion for a project  which claims to be a future “superstar design”, a visiting card of Rzeszów, Poland. 

A parametric model

It breathes and collapse like a living organism according to an algorithm inclination (and project assumption). A sampled “graph” component creates differentation among a grid of points. Like a mind-shift (mental shift) pulls geometry off the ground and causes to defy gravity. Curvature arises at first hastily and sketchy, improvised and unskilled , rookie.

A wavy pattern, generated from a planar surface encoded as a local coordinate system.

Finally, a sinusoidal pavilion ripples waves on the surface, fluctuate smoothly up and down.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Rzeszów, PL
My Role: Parametric Designer