Anjali Ramchandani

Anjali Ramchandani

New York, NY, US



To Those in the Design Industry,

I would like to express to you how valuable I would be to any architectural design firm. Not only am I competent, competitive and driven but I also have the ability to think on my toes. From my understanding, the role of administration in the field of design stretches far beyond an interest in getting ahead professionally. As a designer's right hand, I would not use an administrative position as a temporary stepping stone in order to eventually reach my end goal. I would, rather, be committed and consistently loyal to a designer's work as a crucial part of a team for my own professional growth.

I have never had an assistant before myself, but from my understanding with the exposure that I've had, the most important quality an assistant needs to have is trust. However, the only way you will surely see that I am the most trustworthy candidate is if you meet me in person.

With my academic background from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy you may very well be impressed. From my administrative professional background I am sure that you may find me possibly qualified.

However, only from conversing with me in person will you see that my personality far surpasses the professional and academic work that can represent me.

I am open to be contacted for inquiries if you are seeking an assistant.

Anjali Ramchandani



Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, US, Public Affairs & Journalism Intern

Duties included composition of weekly feature articles for the hospital’s internal magazine. Stories involved news from within the hospital such as accomplishments of local physicians. Execution of articles incorporated communication between local newspapers and news networks regarding press releases about upcoming hospital events and medical achievements through fundraising events.

Jan 2010 - May 2014

Scrumptous Suppers, Harrisonburg, VA, US, Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistance for events organized through vineyards and banquet halls in the West Virginia area. Event planning and culinary preparation for weddings party sets, food layout and guest greetings. Representing the face of the newly established company.

Jan 2013 - Nov 2013

Dr. Alexander Rinehart, West Orange, NJ, US, Editorial Manager

Journalistic experience of developing, writing, coordinating and editing an online web based publication. Articles are written regarding health, wellness and nutrition on a medical level. Knowledge of supplement and dietary issues interact with the in depth writing process of weekly and monthly published informative stories.

Jul 2012 - Dec 2012


Northeastern University, Boston, MA, US, Bachelors, Communications

Major in Communications. Minor in Literature. Concentration in Public Communication.

Sep 2007 - May 2010

Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy , Bachelors, Art and Design

Semester abroad for creative writing, graphic design, video production and photography.

Sep 2009 - Dec 2009

Areas of Specialization