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    Warming Huts at The Forks, Winnipeg, Canada

    By Ampdesign
    Oct 5, '14 12:32 PM EST

    Latest competition entry for Warming Huts in Winnipeg Canada.


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      Brilliant, a mirror for some poor dupe to skate into face first.

      Jan 29, 18 12:12 pm  · 

      Thats just natural selection, Canadian style

      Feb 1, 18 5:45 pm  · 

      they call them "ice fishing shelter" in costco and go for about 150 bucks

      Jan 29, 18 1:51 pm  · 
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      It's a fun event to attend. 

      Some of the "shelters" are not, some are, and some are in between. But it's not meant to just provide 3-4 people shelter as much as it is a way to celebrate the river and get the community outdoors in the winter. 

      Jan 30, 18 1:16 pm  · 

      Looks cool. What's your warming strategy, and do you have more images?

      Jan 30, 18 5:41 pm  · 

      Often the warming strategy is just to provide a wind break.

      Jan 30, 18 8:17 pm  · 

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