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Since I graduated from college as an Industrial Designer, 6 years ago, I started a personal journey trying to understand myself and seeking the best way to interact as a person and a professional with the world.

I have been involved in plenty of projects in the design grounds throughout my career and despite my motive has always been the creativity, esthetic sensibility and passion for design, I hadn’t been able to figure out which of the design areas I was connected with in a profound, intimate, authentic and unique way.

I feel blessed for having been relocated with my husband to Miami, 4 years ago, not only for the bonding it has brought to my relationship but also because I feel that out of my country I finally found my passion.

At my arrival, I faced a new reality that gave me the clarity to understand that I needed a change, not only in the professional arena but also as a person, in order to offer the best of me to others in a genuine manner.

It was as if everything entailed the perfect recipe that allowed me to fall and rise back stronger. It was more than six months in which without any occupation or professional responsibility my mind was dedicated to think and over analyze my past, my emotions and my motivation looking forward to succeed in my professional future finding and doing what I love and didn’t yet knew.

With tons of unresolved questions and the consequent anxiety to find my true passion, I fell in a vital crisis.

I started a psychoanalysis process that allowed me to understand, amongst many other things, that the only person responsible for finding my true passion and motives was myself. I understood that the best way to work with passion is loving what you do and doing what you love.

I had always been recognized by my esthetic sensibility and by how my interventions in interior design enhanced the spaces. I felt very rewarded emotionally by giving my best and understanding the positive impact that my designs generated in the people that I cared for. Those spaces that allowed me to communicate, giving them identity and soul.

I found out that ever since I was a girl I felt the necessity of intervening the spaces that by one way or another were mine. My preferred projects always embedded interior design; my undergraduate thesis included not only an interior design but also an experience for a new flower retail concept in Colombia. In my first work I enjoyed designing diverse stands for the fairs that the company attended and, when I arrived to Miami, before my vital crisis, I dedicated my days to give live and soul to my own house, which became my first credential for the projects that I’ve been doing for the past two years, including the retail stores for Samsung, the new offices of Ariadna Digital Agency, the new offices of Havas Media International and two private houses.

Today I can say that albeit largely valuing my experience as an industrial and graphical designer, my passion is clearly Interior Design. I believe that this program will provide me the required tools to pursue this dream, to further my knowledge and create spaces with soul.

My aim is to create experiences and to do what I know and love with excellence.


Havas Media International (CLIENT), Miami, OFFICE DESIGN AND SPACE PLANNING (Freelance)

Design, planning and management of the whole corporate office project while meeting time and budget constraint for client.

Oct 2014 - May 2015

Cheil Worldwide, Miami, FL, US, RETAIL PROJECT MANAGER

Responsible for:
Participate in the design process of the SAMSUNG EXPERIENCE STORES from A to Z. Maintain positive relationships with customers, contractors, suppliers and other employees. Act as liaison between various Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Consultants and Clients. On-Site Project Management. Prepares, schedules and supervises completion of a final punch list. Project Coordination & Project Controls. Directs all field personnel to achieve completion of the project on schedule, within budget, with quality workmanship that conforms to original plans and specifications. Construction Billings. Providing status reports. Manage all day-to-day construction activities.

Dec 2013 - Mar 2014


Design, planning and management of the whole corporate office project while meeting time and budget constraint for client.

Dec 2013 - Mar 2014


Florida International University, Miami, FL, US, Masters, Interior Architecture

Aug 2015 - current