Andrea Bit

Andrea Bit

Ferrara, IT



I graduated magna cum laude in November 2016 after 5 years of studying between Ferrara and Valparaiso.
In Chile I developed my master thesis in landscape architecture, with a project of a new water infrastructure into the Atacama Desert.
Over the past three years I did internships with both Italian and Chilean architectural firms, where I worked on a variety of residential and urban planning projects for private clients and international competitions. With Tomas Ghisellini Architects we were selected as one of the 5 shortlisted projects in Europan 13 Ingolstadt.

My projects express my attitude of finding out solutions from different and complex contests.
I am always interested in learning from fields which are not directly related to architecture, as I think they could have a lot of answers and solutions to offer. This portfolio show also my attitude about graphic design, which I think is essential to express and convey whatever idea.


Umwelt, Santiago, CL, Internship

I worked mainly on furniture design and 3d modeling for a house project on the chilean coastline. In the meanwhile I developed my master thesis in partnership with the office.

May 2016 - Jul 2016

Tomas Ghisellini Architects, Ferrara, IT, Project collaborator

I worked on the Europan 13 competition in a team of students coordinated by Tomas Ghisellini and Lucrezia Alemanno.

Apr 2015 - Jun 2015

gga gardini gibertini architetti, Rimini, IT, Project collaborator

I worked on a urban competition in Milan, creating the cad model and the axonometry of the area.

Apr 2015 - May 2015

gga gardini gibertini architetti, Rimini, IT, Internship

I worked on a house project in Italy creating 3d models and renders for the client. I also designed the spa of the house in collaboration with the supplier industry.

Jun 2014 - Dec 2014


Università degli Studi di Ferrara, Ferrara, IT, MArch, Master of Architecture

Master Degree in Architecture is a degree course that has a duration of 5 years. University of Ferrara offers the best Architecture degree in Italy by the evaluation of Censis-Repubblica.

Graduated magna cum laude discussing an experimental landscape thesis entitled "Aquastructura": a different water infrastructure for the Atacama Desert.

Sep 2011 - Nov 2016

Universidad Tècnica Federico Santa Marìa, Valparaíso, CL, Atlante exchange program

Thesis research during an international exchange program.
During that period I collaborated also with professors from Universidad Catolica de Santiago, Chile, and I worked with them in their office: Umwelt.

Feb 2016 - Jul 2016


10 mq | Periferica, Honorable Mention

The competition aims to collect the best ideas for temporary small pavilions.


The Top Architecture Résumé/CV Designs | Archdaily, Award

A few months ago we put out a call for the best architecture résumé/CV designs.
Between ArchDaily and ArchDaily Brasil we received over 450 CVs from nearly every continent. We witnessed the overwhelming variety and cultural customs of the résumé: some include portraits, others do not; some include personal information about gender and marital status; others do not. In the end, however, we based our selection on the CVs that stood out from the hundreds of submissions.
We looked for CVs that transmitted the personality of the designer, their ability to communicate visually and verbally, and perhaps, the most intangible criteria for evaluation—the "creativity" of the CV. The documents below represent the diversity of styles and formats that just might land you a job at your dream firm.

While simple, we love the impact of Andrea's font choice and sizing, and the QR code is a great addition—it operates as both a zeitgeisty aesthetic addition and a functional way to communicate more about yourself.



Taranta Power Station | Archistart, Nomination



Final design competition first architectural design laboratory | prof. Tomas Ghisellini, 1st Place

The house, modeled in one linear shape, organises architecture forms at first glance solid and cryptic.
The building, designed as an articulate promenade of gradual discover of places, is actually porous and crossable: loggia, ramps and outdoor paths identify an organism where residential functions are arranged to assemble an adventorous narrative.
A big panoramic terrace, pointing at Sant’Angelo promontory, allows an unique experience of emotional achievement of landscape.

(Tomas Ghisellini)


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