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Victor Kato
Oct 5, '16 7:25 AM EST

If your roofing system is damaged by the weather like Hurricane, surely you are thinking about rebuilding the roofing system. You want your roof and your house to be fully stable and impenetrable. With proper and right material and the installation, you can make your home and the roofing system very weather resistant. There are a lot to consider when selecting the right material for the area you live in, especially the area with high winds.


It is very important to understand how the roofing system act during the storms. The roof has two water barriers: the sheathing and the other part with shingles and tiles. The sheathing is the fastened to the rafters, it acts like a top layer of the roofing. When the wind pressures the roof, it lifts the sheathing off the roofs structure and frame.  If the sheathing is properly installed, there will be no damage made by high winds. When the sheathing is solid, you can choose a proper material. We have three materials that are the most popular ones and are made to withstand high winds. The best are the shingles, the metal roofing, and the tiles.



Shingles are well-known and popular. They are made of composition materials of paper and fiberglass or wood fibers. Fiberglass is very strong and is a good choice for the area with frequent high winds. They are made with asphalt and have granules of stone.


This material is known for centuries and is good for the protection from the high winds. But clay tiles require proper installation. Without it, clay tiles can become a big danger to your roof and your family. There are many benefits of the clay tiles. They are energy efficient, available in many types and colors and are also water resistant. Clay tiles can be blown off the roof and can break windows, doors, and surrounding areas. The best are the Dow or Poly-foam ties so you can avoid all the problems listed above. The proper installation should be made by a professional so you do not worry about the bad sides that may occur with this kind of roofing material.



According to Victor a metal roofer from Houston, the metal material is often used din windy areas, but also needs to be proper installed. It is also water resistant, which can help you against the rain. There are two types: a standing seam roof and the water shedding roofing system. Proper installation will only end the damage caused by high winds.


The cost of the roofs with a wind resistance is higher than the average one. It all depends on the quality of the chosen material and the amount of the resistance against the wind. Low resistance cost about 1.000 dollars extra, and the high resistance about 3.000 dollars. In the areas with more frequent high winds, you can also spend about 5.000 dollars.


Your roof may be strong, but you also need quality doors and windows to be fully protected.You should ask to evaluate the state of the windows and doors to ensure that you are fully protected. Poor windows or door cannot withstand the high winds which can lead to many damages and repairs.