Anahit Asatryan

Anahit Asatryan

Los Angeles, CA, US



Loop is a multi-functional environment that is essentially categorized as a wellness center. e name roots from the main exercise programs, the two cycling zones on the lower level and the mezzanine level running track that is shaped like a loop. The floor plan was designed from the existing structure with a series of arrays and grid system that was taken from the outline of the building. The remaining programs were divided in a compartmentalized manner, the workout area, the additional spaces, and the open spaces. In other words the communal spaces are open and large, such as the cycle zones can be viewed from the running track above and first level is basically an open floor plan. e private spaces are placed on the edges of the structure, allowing the center to have fluid circulation. 

The space is designed to be a very high energy space with the use of large scale graphics and the choice of the primary color which is red. is choice reliant on the program of cycling and running both being a high energy sport. The ceiling reflects the loop of the track in its shape and is meant to have a glow, through the perforated metal panels to engage with the hyper graphic images around the workout zones. The handrail as well is in a form of a loop that holds the glass panels along the track. The fluidity of the project relies on the LOOP and is shown with many custom component within the space. 

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Status: Built