Ana Maria Diaconu

Ana Maria Diaconu

London, GB


Lastu Shelter - Punkaharju Finland

Lastu shelter was constructed in nine days by 12 students in the Punkaharju forests of eastern Finland. The timber structure balances on a base of rocks, allowing for the inclusion of a sunken fire-pit and gathering place. The staggered timber structure includes a sloping roof to keep the elements at bay.



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Status: Built
Location: Punkaharju, FI
My Role: Part of the Construction Team
Additional Credits: Tutors: Sami Rintala, Tom Raymont, Harry Charington
Students: Alberto De Castro Moreno, Allaster Grant, Amad Hussain, Ana Diaconu, Carla Hora, Jessmine Bath, Joshua Corden, Maryam Saleemi, Ola Hjelen, Wan Wong, Tudor Cristescu, Yagmur Yurtbulmus