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Foshan New City Mass Transit Center

Foshan, a historic and cultural city, is now one of the provincial economic engines at the outskirt of the Guangzhou metropolitan. Dongping new town is the result of rapid sprawling of the existing city.  Sitting at the south edge of Foshan city, Dongping new town is aim to develop to be a main economic members of Guangzhou metropolitan area. Therefore, the metro center which is projected to be the center of the area is one of the most important infrastructures to facilitate the new town development. The new city metro center will serve multiple transportation functions once it is completed, including the metro station for Line1 and Line3, an intercity train station, airport service unit and a local bus terminal; but also accommodates 80,000 sqm commercial and entertaining spaces, 170,000 sqm service apartment, 240,000 sqm residential units and 35,000 sqm offices.
This 600,000 sqm gigantic city center plays an important role in the city infrastructure. On the other hand, it provokes a desire to contribute to a dynamic cityscape. The design addresses an image in a futuristic, non-linear, and dynamic avant-garde architecture form with mechanical aesthetic. There is a strong intention to express the sense of speed through the energy that is converged by the tubes and releases through the giant projected Jumbatron screens at the podium. A sunken plaza is made to penetrate the underground metro passages with sunlight and fresh air. It also embraces a huge Jumbatron screen which activates the bustling and hustling cityscape.

A multi-functional hall at the center of -1F floor is the hub of the transportation portion. It connects the metro stations, the intercity train station, the airport service and the bus terminal which locate on the ground floor.  Spaces surrounding the multi-functional hall are the retail stores that grow up to the 3rd floor. And entertainment area, including an eleven screens cinema and food courts are in the top floor of the podium. Three stories underground parking space is offering more than 800 parking spaces. Six towers, including three residential, two offices and one service apartments, sitting on the podium enclose a semi-open roof garden which is exclusive for the residences.

The project received 2011 MIPIM Architecture Review Future Projects Award.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Foshan, China