Amola Agrawal

Amola Agrawal

Los Angeles, CA, US

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Amola holds a Master of Architecture degree from Woodbury University, where she graduated from the M.Arch. program with a focus on expanding her architectural design capabilities and developing technical skill sets crucial for her professional journey. Prior to her studies at Woodbury, Amola worked as a licensed architect in India, gaining valuable practical experience that enriches her current pursuit of LEED certification and preparation for the ARE exams.

Amola's passion for architecture extends beyond conventional boundaries. She sees each project as an opportunity to integrate philosophical principles of phenomenology into design, exploring themes of personal experience, memory, and existential reflection. Her thesis at Woodbury University focused on experiencing architecture through memories and time, culminating in the design of A Living Mind Palace (a memory experiential center)  which embodies these concepts.

Proficient in industry-standard software such as Rhino, Grasshopper, VRay, Enscape, Revit, and Adobe Suite, Amola leverages these tools to innovate within design challenges. She excels in environments that foster a strong creative process, pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas to craft spaces that resonate with the universal human experience.

Amola's work style is characterized by adaptability, efficiency under pressure, and meticulous attention to detail. She thrives as a dedicated team player, valuing collaboration and contributing fresh perspectives to architectural projects. Her diverse professional background, coupled with her academic achievements and ongoing pursuit of knowledge, positions her to make significant contributions to any architectural practice or collaborative endeavor.



WATG & Wimberly Interiors, Los Angeles, CA, US, Architectural Intern

800 Key Hotel Resort (Confidential Project)
Scope of Work:
Contributed to the development of contract document (CD) drawings, focusing on achieving a 60% completion milestone and implementing modifications to the Revit model. Collaborated with a team of six senior architects and leveraged software tools such as Revit, AutoCAD, and Bluebeam.

Jun 2023 - Aug 2023

Mindstruct Architects, Pune, IN, Associate Architect

Led the conceptualization, CD and execution of innovative design solutions across 10+ projects, conducting thorough research to inform the design process. Delivered compelling presentations to clients, conducted site visits, and generated precise execution drawings, all crucial in ensuring the successful completion of diverse projects.
Software used - AutoCAD, SketchUp, Adobe Suite, Lumion

Sep 2020 - Jan 2023

Studio 3 Designs, Vadodara, IN, Architectural Intern

Responsible for conceptualizing, designing, and presenting architectural solutions. Produced construction drawings and 3D models using AutoCAD, Revit, and SketchUp to aid implementation.
Collaborated with a team of six architects and the principal architect.

May 2019 - Nov 2019


Woodbury University, Los Angeles, CA, US, MArch, Master of Architecture

Aug 2022 - May 2024

Aayojan School of Architecture, Pune, IN, BArch, Bachelor of Architecture

Aug 2015 - Jun 2020


Woodbury Dean's Award, Award


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