Aiste Ambrazeviciute

Aiste Ambrazeviciute

Budapest, HU


Inverted Baroque

My project is an interpretation of the baroque illusionism, representing the atmosphere of -fata morgana- a phenomenon of nature. I used point clouds as a method of pointilism, to achieve a different substance of the components, which I chose as exotic animals, representing the power of baroque. When the animal shaped pointcloud flies away, inside organs of the animals appear. This concept allowed me to discover the hidden reality and to see exotic spaces that were invisible before. Each intervention is an illusionary composition of exotic animals, which is captured still, but in virtual reality- it is constantly changing.

The intervention sites are inspired by the baroque formal garden- dominating long distance alleys as Lichte Allee, bosquet gardens and orangery, the longest orangery in Europe. Different intervention places are presented as the postcards from the famous sights of Schonbrunn.

I focused on the intervention in orangery, which originally served also as a winter garden used for court festivities. Whereas, animal inside organs become architectonic, ready to held contemporary events in the orangery and enjoy the exotic being. The viewer is enabled to enter the interior of the animal body and look through the exotic reality. This is an example of inverted baroque.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Vienna, AT