Chanseong Park

Chanseong Park

Toronto, ON, CA

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Hi. My name is Chanseong. I'm from korea and I'm in Toronto,Canada now by Working Holiday visa.

I completed 5 year course(KAAB Certification) majoring Architectural Design last year, But I postpone graduation cuz I'd like to experience Canada's life before graduation. And I think it can be my future opportunity in canada life if I get the job in Architectural Design or Interior Design.

So it's really my pleasure if I can get a chance to work in architectural field. And it will be new chance for future possibility of permanent residency. I'd like to be one of the Canadian Architect.

If you're interested in my profile, don't hesitate to contact to me. I'd like to take any job in architectural field. Intern, Junior position, Part-time, etc.

Thank you for considering me and hope you enjoy the life.


Han Architeture, Seoul, Architectural Intern

I had Intern job in seoul, Han Architect. In my university, people who wanna graduate must take intern job during vacation. So I got this intern job during winter vacation, about 3 months.

The roles I've got are drawing plan(floor plan/elevation/section/detail), conceptual design, 3d modeling, meeting, other office work, etc. It was in schematic design process.

Dec 2016 - Feb 2017


Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul, Masters, Architectural Design Major

I had 5 year course in Architectural Design during my university time.
And I heard that if I get the diploma in this degree, It's acknowledged for Master degree in Canada for KAAB Certification.
Actually I'm not graduated intentionally. But it doesn't matter cuz I just postpone this graduation by doing not submit my english grade. So if I submit my english score, I can graduate anytime.

Mar 2012 - Feb 2018

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