Dominique Rand-Washington

Dominique Rand-Washington

Houston, TX, US



HOUSTON - "I just want the youth to see what you can become and what you can be, I came from the same neighborhood," said Dominique Washington. 

Washington, who was born and raised in the Acres Homes Community, says ever since the SimCity video game series, he’s had a passion for building and design. 

"It started back on my grandma’s computer. I used to play on her Windows 95 computer playing SimCity," Washington said. 

nd from an old school-computer to state-of-the-art designs, his passion now pays the bills. In 2018, he launched his own schematic design services company called AlphiOmega.

"We sketch, we start off with bubble diagrams, we start off with inspiration from anything from HGTV to Google searched images," Washington said.

When it comes to building something from scratch, be it commercial or residential AlphiOmega will take a vision and bring it to life. 

"Schematic design services, virtual presentation, marketing, construction services, construction consultation services, estimating, and turning over keys to the owner," said Washington. 

He’s currently working on a 11-home subdivision being built on 21-acres out in the East Houston area. But no matter how big or small the job, he says AlphiOmega can get it done. 

"We come up with the design, we finalize it, then I provide a 3-Dimensional model with photo realistic renderings or videos. Many of my clients fall within that category of business owners, developers, or just your everyday average person who wants a little addition to their home," Washington explained. 

Washington says there aren’t many Black men in his industry, and at times it can be difficult walking into rooms where people don’t look like him.

"They’re already looking and smelling for the BS moments, for lack of better terms," he says.

In the Black community, there’s an unspoken rule in the professional world that you have to be twice as good to get half as much. It’s something Washington says he’s reminded of quite often, but he takes it as a challenge to break down barriers while also providing top-notch service. 

"That rule still applies. When a young Black man comes along and speaks with clarity, etiquette, provides punctual services, it destroys a negative connotation that they have in their mind about us. The work speaks for itself and it’s a service that anybody can obtain," Washington said. 

Washington holds two bachelor degrees, one in architecture and the other in construction management. He’s also the chief designer for his company. And he hopes his story will inspire other young men who may be struggling to stay on track.  

"You don’t have to have the constant desire to be the typical –  a rapper, an athlete – that is paramount to why I do what I do. So that the youth can be set free that their mindset and desires can be boundless," Washington said. 

If you’d like more information about AlphiOmega you can contact Dominique Washington by clicking here.


identityBUILT, Houston, TX, US, Project Manager

Aug 2018 - Oct 2021

Prairie View A&M University: School of Architecture, Prairie View, TX, US, Technical Assistant, Technial Support, Receptionist

● Faculty & staff primary assistant for delivery, remodeling

● Public speaker/ Advertisement graphic designer

● Student body- to- Faculty liaison

Sep 2012 - Jul 2013

Gensler, Houston, Intern- Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation Project

● Directly assist AIA R/UDAT with design, site analysis, and charette

● Produce feasible design methods to amplify community aesthetics

● Direct coordination with vendors and contractors

Jun 2012 - Oct 2012

GrassRoots Entertainment & Hospitality Design, Inc., Houston, TX, US, Drafter

● Prepared structural, roofing, and building plans modifications

● Develop full set of construction documents

● Prepared presentation board for client review

Jun 2011 - Feb 2012


Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, TX, US, BArch, School of Architecture

Aug 2008 - Aug 2013

Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, TX, US, Bachelors, School of Construction Science

Aug 2008 - Aug 2013

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