Allison Conley

Allison Conley

Chicago, IL, US


Perceived Fragmentation

Situated adjacent to the monumental Eads Bridge in St. Louis, this project aims to activate the riverfront through human motion.  A school for dance and performance art injected into a vacant space feeds off the surrounding infrastructural energies - metrolink, highway, river traffic, freight train, bike, and pedestrian. 

Through a series of formal and informal performance venues, perception of the dance is fragmented, sliced by design.  The ground floor built and natural, merge as a public pedestrian landscape that follows the natural contour east toward the river. 

The performance extends onto the river with a riverfront stage and waterfront park.  A fixed 200 seat dance theater is rooted in the landscape adjacent to the masonry bridge, while the remainder of the dance school hovers over the landscape on the north edge of the site, designed with a strategy of top lighting and reference to the Martin Luther King bridge to the north.

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Status: School Project
Location: Saint Louis, MO, US
My Role: Master Thesis Project, individual work