Alia El Gammal

Alia El Gammal

New York, NY, US

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Throughout my life I have had a passion for art and an eye for design. The visual world is the playground for my imagination and the way I express myself best. As a child, I always questioned how products were designed, and Parsons has introduced me to the importance of space. I have played piano for 10 years, and was on different sports teams growing up. This grew into my lively nature and desire to keep moving which comes through in my designs. I love to explore the motions of the body and how it moves through and interacts with space. The irony of my creative practice is that on the one hand I love work which is exuberant and full of life and for my own designs, I always choose harmony over contrast and use neutral tones over bright colors. On the other hand, for me, the practice of design itself is a very calming and still process and it is not as chaotic as the work I admire, rather, it creates a space for me to rest. 



Egyptian Company For North Coast Developments, Cairo, Egypt, Interior/ Architectural Intern

I sought out to widen my experiential palette in the field of architecture and civil engineering by interning at ECNCP in Cairo, Egypt. I helped problem solve circulation in different AutoCAD files, while also creating the ideal chalet advertisement to present them to different families. I revisited this company 3 summers later, with a wider skill set, ready to learn more from the creative team i met before.

May 2015 - Oct 2018

Michael Sorkin Studio, New York, NY, US, Architectural / Graphic Design Intern

As an intern in Terreform, my responsibilities included research, architectural modeling, and different design renders. I also took the responsibility for info-graphic design, and developing GIF promotion for the urban research department. Taking advantage of my different skill set and working in different areas of design.

May 2017 - Jul 2017

LEO A DALY, Washington, DC, US, Architectural Intern

I was given the opportunity to intern for a huge architectural firm in Washington DC called Leo A Daly, and being the only summer intern that year i was given all the responsibilities to create different floor plans on AutoCAD, fixing old designs that had errors due to design, as well as worked on different InDe-sign projects to help design brochures and promote different commercial designs that the company has to offer.

May 2016 - Jul 2016


The New School, New York, NY, US, Bachelors, Interior Design

Aug 2014 - May 2018


Most creative design, Honorable Mention

My thesis project was awarded the most creative design.