Alex Thompson

Alex Thompson

New York, NY, US


Forest House

This studio assignment asked that a house be designed from a single section cut, which was provided.  The site was a wooded road in a northeast suburb.  I decided to extrude the pochet of the section into a concrete brace that supports the rooms and is the central circulation path.  The brace, which is anchored to poured concrete masses below grade, allows the house to step lightly on its site.  A brook runs undisturbed beneath the rear rooms, lending a visual and aural tranquility to the spaces.  Because the rooms are supported largely by the brace instead of sharing load-bearing walls, the house presents as a collection of parts, rather than an impenetrable whole.  Gaps between the rooms allow glimpses of the surrounding forest, and large windows contribute to the open, airy quality of the structure.  In its final iteration, the design gives each of the rooms solid concrete walls and ceilings, save for the outward-facing wall, which is all glass, creating cinematic views both in and out.  The rooftop deck gives 360-degree views of the property and woodlands beyond.

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Status: School Project