Aleksandar Bajić

Aleksandar Bajić

Belgrade, Serbia



I have extensive experience in the field of architecture and design. During the last seven years I have held jobs designing architectural structures, the design of interior design to urban complex and as a Architectural Project Management. In this role I gained the skills of an architect who can solve the problems of micro projects to major projects and different phases of construction projects in the fields of architecture and design, which will enable me to effectively do the job as an Architect. I was rewarded with a professional level or as a team member or as an individual.


Architect, Beograd, Serbia, Architectural Project Management

Jan 2010 - Dec 2010

Medium I.D., Beograd, CS, Architect with diploma

Jan 2008 - Dec 2009


University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia, MArch, Master of Architecture M.Arch. (A- Architecture)

The overall aims of the Master of Architecture programme are to provide students with a competitive edge of advanced knowledge and skill, together with study choices that support career interests and address societal issues.

The programme’s focus is on architecture that supports amenity, sustainability, and cultural meaning. The Faculty is committed to sustaining an open-minded and creative atmosphere for the pursuit of research, to explore new forms of building and urban design, and to discover collaborative practices that nurture human potential. Our graduates recognize existing sources of knowledge but learn how to integrate their voice with others in order to influence both the art and the science of architecture.

Oct 1999 - Oct 2007


Senjak market, Honorable Mention



Block 25 and 26, 1st Place



Areas of Specialization