Alejandro Jahiatt

Alejandro Jahiatt

New York, NY, US


CRIIAS Research and Development Offices

A new research and development office expansion was proposed for the outdated study rooms at the Natural Sciences Building of the UPR Campus. The main space is now modulated by a red structure that allows seating, book display and storage. The periphery is dedicated to teacher offices that are cantilevered into the pre-existing structure. The openness of the space is meant to incite more student-teacher interactions. The project is near construction completion, and as an intern, I collaborated on all the stages of design, from preliminary visualization to detailing construction drawings for the interactive wall’s custom design. I also designed the final branding and image of the new CRIIAS branch and logo.

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Status: Built
Location: San Juan, PR, US
My Role: Conceptual Design, Design Development, Detailing, Rendering
Additional Credits: In collaboration with ERERAS Arquitectos: Eugenio Ramírez & Maria Julia Escalona