Albert Orozco

Albert Orozco

Los Angeles, CA, US


A Slice of Home

We are in an era where we no longer associate a home with what is most familiar to us. We can say that we have grown accustomed to a certain living standard and size criteria in American homes. The McMansion, the giant and excessive single family house, is intriguing because of its size, dimension, ornamentation, and aesthetic as it perpetuates a superficial thinness within these types of homes. “A Slice of Home” takes thin slices out of the McMansion to hyper-expose the superficial aesthetic elements of this kind of living. The juxtaposition of these images serves to portray these houses with a somewhat familiar existence of the ordinary while exposing the triviality of these familial homes with a slight change in perception. It envisions the potential for the thin home to use common ornamental and building material as an image of collective memory for the pejorative typology of the McMansion. 

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Status: School Project