Alberto Barbetti

Alberto Barbetti

Miami, FL, US


Urban Topography

The Mana Wynwood Urban Topography project intents to improve the lives of the people that live in the Wynwood area, while at the same time keeping the urban essence that characterizes the neighborhood. The city's low topography of warehouses is a consequence of Wynwood's initial purpose of providing large storage spaces for the Miami trading market.

Our main goal was to create a building that wouldn't disrupt the topographical characteristics of the site. The building makes a statement that represents the rapid expansion of the creative culture in the city of Wynwood. The Urban topography project came to us as a favor from professor Claudia Busch to Moishe Mana . He asked us to create an early vision of the master-plan of his future development in Wynwood, Miami.

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Status: School Project
Location: Miami, FL, US
My Role: Residential + Office + Retail
Additional Credits: In partnership with Juan Manuel Gatica