Alain khoury

Alain khoury

Hollywood, FL, US


MOBY DICK freeform architecture challenge

This is an organic form architecture design proposal submitted for a competition.

the concept of the house is drawn from the curvi linear form of the whale.

the shape is created so the rainwater can be caught and recycled.

the floor plan is only 800 SF. with lots glazing giving to the outside.

the kitchen can be accessed  from the garden forming a bar for service.

The Moby dick House is an organic form architecture that will use its geometry to give itself an inherent structural property.

The construction will be a hybrid technology.

It will use mostly the branch matrix technology adapted with the 3d panel principal and the traditional Ferro cement construction used during the Second World War for the building of boats and other large vessels.

What I propose is to use the framework of Branch to add on either side a metal mesh linked by 6 mm steel tie. This will work as a structural diaphragm giving the wall lateral stability.

Once these steps are taken the same Kuka arm will project medium density polyurethane foam

Using the same algorithm generated to build the branch matrix with different nozzle setting.

The foam will have a thickness of three inches while the branch matrix will have 5-inch minimal width.

The foam will bind to the protruding 6 inches metal bar to the other system.

The chicken wire mesh will be attached to the either side of the protruding dowels.

In brief, this system is practical with insulation properties easy to build with the fairly little skill needed.

The building system as  I described is monolithic in nature therefore, we will not have condensation problem as we usually find in the assembly system like the stick frame construction.

Part of the house will use tubular hollow steel to create a hexagonal lattice forming a large truss system

That will work as a sheer wall in both directions .this truss system will also transfer some of the roof load to the ground.

The finishing surface of the built up shell will be either hexagonal glass tile or epoxy coating.

The tiles will be around one inch in diameter allowing easy installation to follow the curvy linear form of the surface.

The house will have a smart technology embedded in it. Like alarm system, door opening, temperature control, all connected to the phone and internet.

In the living room, the TV will be hanging from the ceiling on a controllable arm system the can be articulate to be positioned as needed.

The control system can be either initiated by a smartphone or a joystick.

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Status: Competition Entry
My Role: this project was a solo effort all drawings and assets are made personally. time of completion 6 days