Amaobi Ike

Amaobi Ike

London, GB



Growing up and being surrounded by the multi ethnicity and multi-cultural London, opened up the design world to my eyes. Be it from London or Paris, Portugal or Belgium, Canada or Nigeria, Brooklyn or the west side of New York. Travelling and exploring gave a opportunity to experience the people, the sights, sounds and dynamics of cultures.

I always regarded culture as a basis of community, space and cities. It is precedent that would eventually be the foundations of how I designed and discussed architecture. 
Initially, my interest in architecture began from exploring the mediums of films and art. It relates to how people are intrinsically linked, how buildings are about the experiences. The cinematic representation of spaces always intrigued. I wanted to participate in designing experiences and function that would facilitate people.

 Through learning to work with others, in design and technical collaboration, it has broadened my understanding of issues advancing design. Through reading, films and photography to an exploration of the broader scope of design such as urban design. These aspects of designing, fuel my practice and knowledge of what defines architecture today.

Through my creativity, focus and thirst for design, I will hope to achieve my goal of eventually becoming multi-disciplinary in architecture, design and planning and to help sustain and design for future generations.



HAKS, New York, NY, US, Architect Intern

My position as Architect Intern at HAKS Engineers and Architects consisted of drafting Architectural drawings, assisting in 3D modelling, site surveying, creating scope reports and organizing with clients.

Beyond this, I had a strong rapport in team work and studio collaboration. I was always engaged and always designed with a positive personality, engaging personal style and professionalism.

Jan 2012 - Jan 2013


University of Lincoln, UK, Brayford Pool, Lincolnshire, BArch, Architecture

In the three years of studying architecture, I engaged in a series of various projects that tested our scope of design; from an exploration of our urban contexts, to group exploration of new and innovative structures. Each year placed greater emphasis on context and structure. Of course, the three years of B.a. Hons Architecture wasn't without it's steep learning curve. The good crits and the bad crits. The midnight struggles and printers taking forever, it was a long, methodical process to achieve a full project completion, but it was a labour of learning and a labour of life. Third year truly taught me how to be astute in discussing, designing and creating concepts and ideas that could progress our communities, cities and survival for future generations.

Sep 2008 - May 2011

Areas of Specialization