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    Niger earthen land

    By Adriana Duran G
    Mar 29, '14 7:21 AM EST

    I took my trip to Niger with only 100 french francs in my pocket, this is less than 20 euros. Since people there can live with less than 1 euro by day, why couldn’t I spend 2 weeks with this money? My point is, I really wanted to see that country and learn all it could teach about earthen architecture. At that time I was just arrived to France to prepare my studies and I was convinced that an "on the ground training" was the best way to begin. Anyway, I love traveling and I did not mind to do it alone. I had not a specific plan, my idea was to absorb as much as possible that country and understand their lifestyle by sharing with them. My main tool was an analogical camera, at that time I had no a digital one. This is way the pictures I am sharing today presents this low contrast and old fashioned quality. However, I hope you will read through them a little bit of this experience.

    In Niger, earth is all about. Every where you look at is earth constructed, landscape has the same color than houses, religious or official buildings. Even camels have this mimetic color as if nature knew how to be one with herself.

    I had to sleep outside and my bed was composed of residuals of an old tire cut into pieces. I think that night I was bitten by an anofeles mosquito and contracted malaria. I do not mind, this trip was one of the more rich trips I have ever done. I will never forget the hot and the dust rising over those long long roads, the people's smiling whatever the conditions were, the smelling of the camels and the warm feeling you are invaded by any time you sit around a rice bowl and share with friends and neighbors the only thing they have to eat.

    At the end of my trip I had obtained as much information on earth construction as personal experiences and consequently I could learn more about “Traditional habitat in Niger”. And all of this was possible because anywhere you look at in this land is build on earth materials.


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This blog will present earthen construction around the world with some specifics examples of projects that I had the chance to participated with different communities in several places.

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