Adelina Skera

Adelina Skera

Philadelphia, PA, US

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Architecture Design Professional with over than 5 years’ progressive experience in
multi-disciplinary related construction projects, including residential, commercial, and transportation with cross cultural collaboration and implementation.


OHL NA Group- Judlau Contracting, Inc., New York, NY, US, Project Engineer

Responsible for all the operational activities with the management team of ESI Package 4 –Renovation of 5 stations of NYC subway stations (MTA project with a value of over 125mil $).
 Oversee construction, contract administration, and quality assurance activities in accordance with established policies, procedures and regulations of MTA.
 Engage all the Sub-Contractors involved within the project regards the progress of their activities and assisting with support when it is required.
 Coordinate the in-coming and out-going Project Correspondence: submitting and working with the received RFI from designer DOR, Shop Drawings received from the Sub-Contractors, addressing them to the Field Engineer/ team on the field and handling the submissions for MTA on the Construct ware.
 Collaborating and working closely with the Resident Engineer/CCM assigned to the specific station/location.
 Managing the internal meetings with the team, preparing schedules (Look Ahead Schedules and Completion Schedules) to achieve designated completion date as per ESI Contract.
 Survey all the site conditions, inspect and monitoring until completion.
Work completed by opening the station (23rd st/6Ave) 4 days ahead of schedule with a great impact of the commuters, public and the client (MTA).
 Responsible for finalizing the Punch-list items and remaining miscellaneous work after station opening; additional scheduling and coordination with NYCT Services
 Participate Close-Out Meetings to go over the open items, O&M, Warranties, Spare Parts and As-Builds Submissions.

Aug 2018 - current

OHL NA Group- Judlau Contracting, Inc., New York, NY, US, Field Engineer

Responsible for the specified construction site work- dedicated to 23rd st / 6 Ave location for all the duration of the project.
 Liaison between the field team and the upper management; reporting to Project Engineer and Project Managers regards the progress of the project in any phase.
 Accountable of all field coordination: manpower, supplies and material deliveries, machinery and equipment needed.
 Responsible to follow all the Shop Drawings, Construction Detail Drawings and Specifications related to actual work.
 Preparing the Daily Reports/ Time-sheets on daily basis and submitting them to the internal system of the company.
 Reporting and collaborating with Judlau General Superintendent of the ESI-4, for every day work.
 Organizing and utilizing the schedule given to arrange the Contractor’s and Sub-contractor’s work on the station, distributing the activities on Day-Night or Weekend shifts.
 Managing Sub-Contractors as per each of their scope of work (SOW): Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Structural, Architectural Finishes ect.
 Responsible for minimizing the field expenses and resources in use.
 Order, request and manage the support of NYCT Services for the respective station, considering; A&P (access & protection), Flaggers, EDR, Comm Support and inspections when required. Collaboration and cooperation on field with CCM representative on daily coverage.
 Ensuring a safe work space, following OSHA requirements and Safe work Plan regulations.

Mar 2018 - Aug 2018

The Prestige Group, Inc., New York, NY, US, Project Coordinator

Collaborate with the Design-team on developing new ideas and cost-effective design solutions in high-end interior industry for commercial and residential projects.
 Coordinating the construction phase and the field team from the initiation until the completion of the luxurious retail projects on Madison Ave and Park Ave, as: Fred Leighton – KWFL Store, Harry’s of London Showroom and Store; residential projects as the renovation unit at 432 Park Ave.
 Reviewing the manufacturer shop drawings and submitting them for production.
 Submitting RFI-s to receive the Designer’s resolution and design intent.
 Ensuring the coordination between Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Sub-Contractors on the field to maintain schedules, time frames, site integrity and a safety workplace
 Participate on weekly progress meetings with the client and preparing meeting agenda.
 Following up with vendors and manufacturers on daily basis to oversee the product during the production phase.
 Providing particular service on the material delivery, installation phase and architectural finishes completions prior the deadlines.
 Scheduling field inspection to respective job sites and the potential new renovation projects.

Jan 2017 - Mar 2018

National Inspectorate of Urban Construction- Ministry of Urban Development, New York, Field Inspector

 Supervising the allocation and restrictions of construction permits and the legitimacy of construction firms operating in Tirana.
 Conducting site visits to evaluate and assess proposed developments and new constructions activities of the city of Tirana.
 Inspecting job sites to ensure developments were being constructed in adherence to projected drawings, signed and approved shop drawings, Contract Specifications and building codes.
 Responsible in daily reports given regarding the legitimacy of the construction site/building during periodical inspections.
 Participating and preparing overall reports for the outstanding Inspectorate management meetings.

Feb 2015 - Nov 2016

Agim Marku Architects, Tirana, Albania, Junior Architect

Working closely with the architect principal on developing residential and hospitality architectural projects.
 Interacting and contributing with the team on participating on architectural and urban planning competitions in Tirana.
 Assisting and designing with AutoCAD 2D/3D, 3DSMax and Photoshop prepare construction detail drawings, shop drawings, overall specifications.
 Preparing the contract documents Design Units (DU) books, required for construction permit approval.
 Drafting technical detail revisions and structural details.
 Delivering design changes approvals and submissions during the construction phase.
 Involved on the new potential projects: preparation of the architectural drawing during the bidding phase, meeting participation and presentations.
 Experiencing and collaborating on the final architectural model preparation.

Oct 2011 - Feb 2015


The Cooper Union, New York, NY, US, Profesional Program

• Green Building and Environmental Design
• Steel and Concrete Design
• Building cost and Estimating
• Advanced Revit (BIM)

Jan 2017 - May 2017

Polythecnic University of Tirana, UPT- Faculty of Civil Engineering, Tirana, Albania, MArch, Architecture

Oct 2007 - Nov 2014

Areas of Specialization