Adam He

Adam He

Pittsburgh, PA, US

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I was born in Tokyo, and grew up both in Tokyo and Shanghai, with an exposure to British and American environments throughout my higher education. My multicultural background has pushed me to understand the differences in the ways people interpret a subject, in which their interpretations quickly change, depending on their experiences and perspectives. It made me think about what communication really means, especially in terms of the effect of personalities and unconscious biases, and their relations to social and cultural constructs. Throughout my studies in the architecture school, I have continuously questioned myself the value behind what I create, the power of architecture and design as a discipline. With a rapid transition to online remote platforms, I was introduced to the medium of film. I had already been drawn to the aspect of storytelling and narratives in design, because of their abilities to depict the implicit actions, emotions, and memories – things that are not material and are often neglected. I took the restrictive conditions under the pandemic as the opportunities to actively engage in the process of storytelling using only the accessible subjects and media, and kitbashing the discrete items into a message, orchestrating a narrative through bricolage. I have been exploring the options in communication through design methods to discover the rituals and operations between people and things that occur in multiple scales: from bodily, to community, to urban, to planetary.



Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US, BArch, Architecture

Graduated with both college and university honors.
Recipient of the AIA Medal for Academic Excellence, a graduation award to the top-ranking graduate.

Aug 2017 - May 2022


AIA Medal of Academic Excellence, Award

The AIA Medal for Academic Excellence is awarded to the top-ranking graduate in each architecture program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board.


Epic Metals Competition, 2nd Place

The EPIC Metals Corporation sponsors the EPIC Metals Competition for third-year B.Arch students to design an innovative project incorporating metal deck systems.


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