Actual Architecture Co.

Actual Architecture Co.

Omaha, NE


L Residence

This filmmaker’s apartment reinterprets the use of poché to support Baroque theatricality and proposes instead a cinematic architecture of sequence and frame. Poché – a French term referring to the solid mass in heavy load-bearing walls – is reinterpreted as a spatial alternative to the open loft apartment, thus separating public and private spaces.

The apartment occupies the top floor of a converted Art Deco hotel. We conceived the living space as pseudo-exterior, pushing private and utilitarian spaces behind a wall of CNC cut oak veneer. To contrast the crisp wood wall, we treated other spaces with a volumetric application of color such as the “blue zone” of the virtual poché. Bathrooms and bedrooms have unique colors so that each space takes on its own personality. A private roof deck above is accessed from stairs in the compressed space of the poché, again referencing the Baroque.

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Status: Built
Location: Omaha, NE, US
Firm Role: Architect