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I am engaged with architecture as a change to society, passionate about design, functionality and the creation of spaces that captivate the user.


INCA, New York, NY, US, Architect collaborator

Architectural firm dedicated to create a harmonious response to the site, and a thoughtful exploration of resources. Specially focused on the Brooklyn living houses and on the industrial buildings recuperation to create new ways of living and working, trough the optimal architectural design and the execution of projects.
Architect collaborator. Responsible of drawing architectural plans, analyzing existing buildings and all other conditions required to refurbish them. In charge of the architectural design drawings of the following projects, among others:
± “263 Carroll”. Projection of a loft and of an apartment into an old building house in Brooklyn, U.S.A.
± “25 Stewart”. Analysis of similar projects near to the zone and projection of a hotel in Brooklyn, U.S.A.
± “690 Humboldt”. Projection of three apartments of an old building house in Brooklyn, U.S.A.
± “49 Frost”. Projection of some offices into an old industrial building in Brooklyn, U.S.A.

Sep 2021 - current

Arquitac, Mexico, MX, Freelance Architect

Creative workshop created by me, dedicated to architectural and interior design projects. Engaged with architecture as a change to society, passionate about design, functionality and the creation of spaces that captivate users
Architect. Analyze, propose and transform ideas into reality trough drawing and 3D modeling to obtain new architectural and executive projects, being the leader of materializing the proposals through their construction. Responsible of the architectural designing, execution and construction of the following projects, among others:
± “FIT IT”: Restyling of the showroom and offices for “FIT IT”, enterprise based in Mexico City, dedicated to commercializing fitness equipment throughout the country.
± “El Cajón” Ranch: Projection of three prototypes of houses that will be reproduced for a hunting resort in Chihuahua, Mexico.
± “Pace Studio”: Projection and execution of an indoor cycling gym in the state of Mexico, Mexico.
± “San Francisco 102”. Restyling of an apartment Mexico City.
± “Los Ojuelos”. Projection and execution of a cottage house in Chihuahua, Mexico
± “5309 Terrace”. Projection and execution of a house terrace in Chihuahua, Mexico

Jan 2019 - current

FUNO, Fibrauno, Mexico, MX, Architecture and Tenant Coordination in FUNO | Fibrauno

Fibra Uno (Fideicomiso de Inversión en Bienes Raíces “FUNO”) is the first and largest Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in Mexico, focused in the generation of sustainable value for the investors through the operation, acquisition, sale and development of real estate for commercial use.
Architecture and tenant coordinator. Guarantee the appropriate architectural design experience of 24 shopping malls, improving the properties conditions trough the challenge to transform new ideas into reality by way of drawing and 3D modeling the proposals; always considering to convert every property into a more economically profitable and valuable one. Also responsible of providing an excellent customer experience to all the users that visit those shopping malls, in particular:
± Analyze budgets for the construction of more than 15 projects that took place within the 24 shopping malls. This analysis required the evaluation of at least four different proposals made by FUNO´s contractors and choosing the offer that best filled the needs for the project.
± Monitor of more than 50 contractual relationships with construction suppliers to keep them up to pace.
± Actively supervise the correct execution of the projects, which required at least a weekly visit to every construction site.
± Coordinate the delivery of the more than 150-leased spaces to the respective tenants in the shopping malls, being responsible of everything regarding the clients until the space was open to public.
± Revise and approve of the architectural and engineering projects of the new stores, guaranteeing the rules of each shopping mall, using the elements approved as the image of the building.

Dec 2020 - Sep 2021

Javier Sánchez Arquitectos Jsa, Mexico, MX, JUNIOR ARCHITECT

Architectural firm dedicated to refurbish and to restyle exterior and interior old buildings, usually protected by the Institute of Beauty Arts in Mexico. Also dedicated to design and construction of new projects including buildings for commercial and residential use.

Junior Architect. Actively collaborate with the development of the architectural design of multiple projects with different scales. Specially focused in the complete analysis of each project and architectural design starting with a conceptual stage and converting to a detailed space.
± Responsible of the market analysis and demand of similar properties to the ones we proposed to the clients.
± Detail the profitability analysis of each construction and analyze how to take advantage of the maximum land use according to local rules to make more vertical cities.
± Develop functionality analysis of square meters per product, detailing each usage as a living space, common space, circulation, service areas.
± Analyze the context of each building to construct, trying to get the more details as possible to design appropriate facades with the surroundings.
± Responsible of drawing architectural plans and 3D modeling.
± Guarantee the correct crossover between the engineering plans generated by specialists with the architectural plans made by the firm.

Apr 2020 - Dec 2020


Universidad Anáhuac del Norte, Mexico, MX, BArch, ARCHITECTURE

Bachelor of Architecture degree, México City
Universidad Anáhuac México Norte

Aug 2015 - May 2020

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid, ES, Workshop course

Workshop course of architecture projects in Madrid, Spain
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Jun 2019 - Aug 2019

Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette, Paris, FR, Exchange Student

Exchange Student in Paris, France
L’École Nationale Supérieure d’architecture de Paris-La Villette (ENSAPLV)

Jan 2018 - Jul 2018


Anáhuac Graduate Architecture Award 2020, 2nd Place

Nominated to Anáhuac Graduate Architecture Award 2020
The Universidad Anáhuac México Norte chooses three students per generation, of which
only one obtains the Award. To get this award, one must obtain the best averages, participate
in school activities, and get the approval of the Architecture faculty.


Chambord Inachevé, 1st Place

Member of the winning team of the “Chambord Inachevé” contest by the Universidad Anáhuac México Norte, ex aequo with SCI-ARC, Rise School of Architecture and L’École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Nancy.
Competition directed by Arch. Dominique Perrault and the Domaine national de Chambord on the 500th anniversary of the construction of the Château de Chambord, located in the Loire Valley in France.


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