Aaron Leppanen

Aaron Leppanen

Quito, EC



The project is a 900 square meters renovation and addition to an existing Library located on the campus of Colegio Einstein (k-12). The renovations and additions aimed to transform the existing building into a modern space that would both invite and excite new and existing students. The Library is situated in the center of the campus and near the principle entrance, it is one of the most visible buildings with in the campus of Colegio Einstein. The design aimed to utilize the prominent location and a create node that could open itself to the campus community through interesting views and spatial experiences to the surrounding buildings. This was primarily achieved through the rotation of new volumes and the location of transparent facades. This approach allowed us to create a radically new building while providing an exciting functional space for students to learn.

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Status: Built
Location: Quitocucho, EC
My Role: Architect