Aahana Banker

Aahana Banker

New York, NY, US

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A recent graduate (B.Arch) pursing a Masters in Advanced Architectural Design at GSAPP, Columbia University. I take keen interest in both: the tangible and the intangible sides of the profession - both of which I continue to explore through research, experimentation and implementation, with an aim to come up with a more inclusive approach towards architecture, its actors and its audience.

 My hands on experience with on site designing as well as construction furthers my interest in construction detailing and sustainability, while my undying love for photography, storytelling and poetry has helped me develop a graphic and narrative approach towards spatial understanding and design.


Menis Arquitectos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, ES, Architectural Intern

Teobaldo Power (Reconstruction):
• Oversaw the presentation drawings
• Responsible for model iterations, construction detailing
• Core design development team
Cape Verde (Urban Planning):
• Core design development team
• Oversaw client presentation
• Responsible for presentation drawings
• Responsible for website development
Music Hall, Katowice (Competition):
• Core design development team

Jun 2019 - Nov 2019


Columbia University, New York, NY, US, Masters, Advanced Architectural Design

The Master of Science degree in Advanced Architectural Design is a three-semester program aimed at providing outstanding young professionals—who already hold a Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture—the opportunity to conceptualize design as a critical practice that shapes the world’s technological, relational, and environmental evolutions. The program is viewed as a framework for exploring both academic and professional concerns through a set of inquiries and premises: architecture and its design practices are critical in addressing contemporary challenges; architectural specificity is the result of transdisciplinary cooperation; architecture’s future agency lies in the discipline’s capacity to mobilize realities across different scales and time frames.

The M.S.AAD is a designated STEM program eligible under the CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) Code 04.0902: Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology.

Jun 2021 - current

CEPT University, Ahmedabad, IN, BArch, Architecture

This five-year long program leads up to the award of the B. Arch. degree. It equips students with the competencies necessary for being effective professional architects and exposes them to the aesthetic, technical, social, political and ethical dimensions of the built environment.

This almost sixty year old program is internationally recognized. Its alumni are amongst the most successful architects of India, work at the foremost architectural practices across the world, teach and do research at the most reputable global universities and are amongst the most notable social entrepreneurs of the country. Many long lasting exchange programs link this program to other architectural programs in Europe, USA and Australia providing unparalleled opportunities to enrolled students.

Aug 2016 - May 2021

ETH Zürich, Zürich, CH, Architecture

Exchange Semester, specializing in Artificial Intelligence in the field of Architecture.

Jan 2020 - Sep 2020


Award for Academic Excellence, Award

Awarded to the student holding the highest CGPA in the program, upon graduating.


CEPT Excellence Award, Award

The CEPT Excellence Award recognizes and celebrates excellence in student work at CEPT. The exhibition showcases the 15 best projects in form of drawings, models and portfolios from across students from all five years of faculties of Architecture, Design and Planning Faculties.


CEPT Excellence Award, Award


Switch Competition: “What is a hotel?”, Honorable Mention

The aim of this competition was to question the very notion of a hotel and confront the stereotypes and conventions of this building typology. It encouraged the participants to explore new possibilities and come up with innovative and unorthodox solutions that could enhance and change the boundaries of hotel architecture.


Bubble Design Competitions: “Eliminating Loneliness”, Honorable Mention

Organized in response to the global crisis of loneliness and isolation in the modern age, the competition aimed to demonstrate the power of architecture and design to tackle society’s pressing issues.


Faculty Level Award for Academic Excellence, Award

Faculty level awards are awarded annually to students of Interim Years for each program based wholly or substantially on demonstrable academic excellence.


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