Kwangjin Bae

Kwangjin Bae

Orinda, CA, US



As a graduate University of California, Davis with Bachelor of Science of Landscape Architecture in 2016, I have been prepared with necessary skills for this job as an intern landscape architect and college education. I proficient at digital graphic and 3D modeling. In addition, I can do GIS, hand drawings, modeling, and laser cutting. I was majored architecture at Diablo Valley College for 2 years. With this experience, I have wide perspective with architecture and landscape architecture. Besides, as an international student graduated from United States, I have sense of different environment and vibe from another country, that will help the firm a having variety perspective.


University of California, Davis, Davis, CA, US, Bachelors, Landscape Architecture

The complex relationship between humans and our environment requires us to choose when and how to modify or conserve the land areas we use. Designated open spaces, parks and modern neighborhoods are all products of landscape architecture. UC Davis' landscape architecture program, one of the foremost in the nation, stresses the vital role of the landscape architect in striking a balance between urban expansion and environmental preservation. The program is fully accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects, which is the only organization sanctioned to grant such accreditations in the United States. Landscape architecture majors learn to solve problems creatively and to visualize spaces and three-dimensional concepts effectively.

Sep 2013 - Sep 2016

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