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Zhanna N Manko

Los Angeles, CA, US

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It is to bring to interiors projects a strong special sense, which, in conjunction with knowledge of furniture and materials, generates integral designs with a high degree of consistency from the whole to the pieces. It is based on believe that a space should reflect the unique characteristics of the culture of its users. The experience in interior architecture derives from strong classical traditions honed by working at Gensler, SOM and Lauren Rottet. The goal is to achieve the essence of projects possess a timeless quality and a strong sense of order and clarity.
Previous experience has been with number of interiors projects in the US, Europe, and Asia. The main role in the design process is to provide insight and a definition to a project. The implementation and guidance of the design strategy and then coordination and development of the concepts all coincided with the architectural aspect together consultants recommendations.


Cherryman Industries, El Segundo , Director of Marketing

Managed marketing materials including textile selection, graphics fluidity, price books assessments
Designed and coordinated with engineers to developed new product line (m-series) to upgrade the product offerings
Supported sales efforts to bring awareness to educate dealers and designers with products
Designed showrooms from conceptualization through final installations.
Evaluated existing product offerings and implemented refinements esthetically, functionally to streamline and improve the furniture collection
Selected and created a textiles collection to integrate into products offerings

Jan 2020 - Apr 2022

Gensler, Hong Kong, HK, Design Director

Leading the creative efforts of multiple interior design teams on projects form initial marketing stages through construction and installation, in a timely, accurate and fiscally responsible manner.
Developing and owning overall design concepts and design presentation strategies
Assigning work, overseeing preparation and reviewing work in progress
Building and sustaining client relationships; acting as the primary design interface with clients, team members, and consultants and collaborators, both internal and external
Mentoring and developing Gensler designers; providing creative direction to design teams
Participating in business development, marketing and thought leadership efforts
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May 2019 - Dec 2019

dwp - design worldwide partnership, Bangkok Metropolis, TH, Design Director | Workplce

Leading the workplace portfolio and team.
Assume responsibility to originate and develop design concepts.
Managing the design and documentation process with technical team.
Have overall responsibility for project delivery and portfolio profitability.
Clarifying work scope and service, leading the resourcing and project planning.
Mentoring, supervising and managing design team.
Ensuring the workplace team adhere to dwp policy
Assist and support in Marketing, Business Development efforts to represent design group of the company.
Liaise with Managing Director with regards to management and performance of the portfolio.
Actively update and support design portfolio for marketing and deliveries.

May 2016 - Jan 2017

AECOM, Shanghai, CN, Director, Interior Architecture

• Grow our interiors practice within a firm that aspires to collaborative design and high quality design.
• Lead efforts to bring in new work and expand our client relationships.
• Lead our interior work and contribute across the full range of projects.
• Work closely with architectural and other design and planning leaders to support interior design as an integral aspect of all projects.
• Provide mentor-ship especially for interiors staff, actively participate developing conceptual design for key pursuites and projects, while collaborating with leaders and teams in architecture, engineering, landscape designers and Work place Strategy
• Oversee the design, technical and financial performance of the projects with the project managers
• Attract new talents to support growth and design excellence
• Attend local, reginal and national industry events to raise the awareness for AECOM interiors paractice.
• Collaborate with marketing do develop appropriate section of proposals, reviewing for accuracy and completeness, developing fees and deliverables.

Aug 2014 - Jan 2016

CO Architects, Los Angeles, CA, US, Interior Design Leader

• Leadership with the clients through estate evaluation processes which include test fit planning and program analysis.
• Development the design for the duration of the project.
• Formulation and creation design presentations, guiding the client through the design process while educating them about Interior Design principles, sustainable design and building codes.
• Mentoring an integrated team of Interior Designers
• Participating in business development, and maintain active-status membership in professional and industry organizations with emphasis on corporate interiors with projects 100,000+SF
• Understanding design capability and type of documentation produced by software, AutoCAD, Revit, Adobe Creative Suite

Jul 2011 - Jun 2014

HOK, Culver City, CA USA, Associate Interior Designer; AHSP

Running the Design efforts, pursue & new business, maintain positive relationships with customer, vendors and employees. Communicate effectively to customers, authorities, employees, create maximum productivity, create & improve design standards & procedures, assign & manage project teams, coordinate project. Orchestrating design teams to create and maintain dynamic environment. Key responsibilities:
◾ design innovative concepts in direct response to unique user with programmatic environmental and cultural contexts
◾ support Design Principal in developing relationships and creating new project opportunities
◾ involve in bid responses in interviews building strong client relationships
◾ responsibility to coordinate project design and project team
◾ guide and encourage the development of interior staff
◾ participate in marketing and business development.

Feb 2008 - Apr 2011

Rottet Studio, Los Angeles, CA, US, Senior Interior Designer

The position at DMJM Rottet (at that time) called for the following performance to be carried out professionally:
◾ promote and assure design excellence in every stage of work
◾ ensure that projects meet/exceed set targets
◾ quality control management
◾ identify, establish, pursue and maintain business connections client relationships
◾ establishing concept for the project and developing space plans
◾ review project budgets and cost forecast
◾ coordinating vendors and consultations efforts including 3-d visualization efforts

Nov 1996 - Jan 2008


Pro Language School, Bangkok, TH, Thai Language
Pro-Connect Thai courses are comprehensive language courses that emphasize speaking and listening, while also developing your skills in reading and writing in Thai language.
Clear explanations of grammar and vocabulary.
Communicative activities to practice your skills.
An enjoyable multi-cultural environment.
Insights into Thai culture and customs.
We also have a large corporate training division which currently works with some of the largest local and international companies in Thailand. Additionally, they provide specialized language training for academic preparation tests such as TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS.

Jan 2017 - Jan 2018

Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York, New York, NY, US, BArch, interior design

Jan 1984 - Jun 1988

Cope Vocational Institute, New York, NY, US, Marketing and Busniess

Feb 1980 - Feb 1982

Детская музыкальная школа No.1, Baranovichi Belaurs, Music theory, music hisotry, music insturmets and voice

Sep 1974 - May 1978


Speaker at Interior Design Magazine conference, Other
Zhanna Nicole Manko, Director of Interior Architecture Design at ECOM China, on the theme of “SIMPLE IS NOT EASY”, talks about the problems faced by design from the perspectives of art, culture and design. She believes that the designer has a lot of objective information, it is not so easy to select the desired things from the complicated information and design a creative space that meets various needs and is environmentally friendly. At the same time, she also shared three classic design cases of AECOM to the designer friends, and explained how to be simple and not lose the taste through the case. AECOM China Interior Architecture Design Director Zhanna Nicole Manko speaks YANG Yang Bangsheng Hotel Design Group founder and president Yang Bangsheng is entitled “Design of the Way of Nature” with the help of Shenzhen Hui Hotel, Sanya Baoting Anantara Resort and Shimei Bay Cases such as the Westin Hotel, through the "design of the shapeless; design allows culture to be protected and passed on, but the communication of culture can not only touch the surface of things; heavy heaven, anti-generation; breathe nature in walking Infinite power; keeping the heart is pure, can make a fearless work." Several small themes, pointing out the true meaning of design


IIDI Calibre: Cedars-Sinai Advanced Health Schiences Pavilion, Award

HEALTH & WELLNESS: The Calibre Awards recognize and honor the excellent work of project teams that have exceeded the expectations of our profession to bring interior design to life. The Calibre Awards honor the true meaning of collaboration for projects that exhibit a high level of teamwork and stunning designThe


IIDA Product Competion, Emerge Italy, 1st Place

The product competition for young design professionals promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development and organized by FederlegnoArredo in collaboration with IIDA. Conceptual design is for a series of tables and benches. The collection targets the public spaces of lobbies, plazas or interactions areas that meant to be used in multiple numbers creating clusters that is reconfigurable and playful.


Arzu Stuio Hope, Afganistan, Honorable Mention

The pattern design for the ARZU Studio Hope collection was a unique endeavor to bring creativity in expressing hope and connectivity through the world. The concept expresses the pattern in its simplicity to stylize nature landscape that is present in different parts of our Planet.


Mattel, El Segunod CA, Other

Mattel Design Center in El Segundo, CA is a projcet of over 200,000 sf. The plan is organized around a hierarchy of circulation based on the urban planning approach of major streets, neighborhoods, and conveniently located services. Design imagery was developed out of the materials the Design Center incorporates into their toys: a limited palette of bright colors used as a highlight to the studio quality space, large scale graphic imagery, and the textures and patterns used in classic Barbie fashion.


Korean Development Bank, Seoul Korea, Other

◾2003 Design Excellence Citation: American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles Chapter
◾2003 Lighting Design Award of Merit: International Association of Lighting Designers
◾2002 Best Large Office: Contract Magazine
◾2001 National Award for Architecture: Presented by the South Korean Government & the Korea Development Bank
◾1996 Exhibition of Current Work: American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles and San Francisco


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