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New York, NY

Future Workplace Design
Future Workplace Design
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Future Workplace


The XAL US Headquarters is a prototype for an office of the future, representing the identity of the innovative lighting company while providing an operative model for redefining the spaces in which we work. With a mixture of open plan and private office seating, and containing such elements as a teleconferencing pod, “breathing” planters of greenery, and multidimensional mirrored, glazed, and patterned millwork partitions, this unique office environment looks beyond the sterile cubicles of the past  and offers an adaptable and dynamic alternative. A kitchenette with custom millwork provides a warm communal space for pleasant social interaction. Integrating sustainable, energy-efficient XAL LED products with specialized custom acoustical panels, the sensory effects of the spaces extend beyond the purely visual, creating an atmosphere that is immersive, exciting, and ecologically responsible.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect

Planes of Light
Planes of Light
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