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Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design

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CJ Corporation, Blossom Park

Creating A Culture Of Integrated Innovation

As one of Korea’s largest companies, the CJ Corporation sought to create a world-class scientific discovery center reflecting the company’s “Only One” spirit and its desire to be the “first, best and different” in all aspects of business. The result is a new research and development headquarters for CJ Corporation, repositioning the company’s operations into a radical interdisciplinary format to increase efficiency, create a culture of integrated innovation and accelerate speed-to-market. The 1.2 million sf building consolidates CJ Corporation’s previously disparate pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food products businesses into a single location, enabling it to create industry-defining product strategies and increase its global competitiveness.

Designed to accommodate next-generation scientists, the building includes nearly 50 different types of spaces that respond to different types of human behaviors — from cafes and coffee shops to lounges, fitness areas, sleeping pods and even an interior living forest. This broad spectrum of space helps people who are doing very intensive, focused work have moments of balance in their lives so they can push discoveries and progress forward without getting burned out.

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Status: Built
Location: Suwon, South Korea
Firm Role: Design Architect, Laboratory Planning, Lighting Design, Environmental Graphics, Interior Design, MEP Engineering, Construction Consulting; in association with Heerem Asentric Architects
Additional Credits: Associate Architect - Heerem Asentric Architects