Yael Getz Schoen

Yael Getz Schoen

Belmont, MA, US


N House

Conceptual Design for a singly family home to a family with 3 teenage children, on a long rectangular lot. The main entrance divides the floor plan into the public and private sections of the house. The public section is organized in an open layout including a living room with exit to wooden deck, dining room open to a kitchen with access to external seating area , and a music space with a grand piano overlooking the main entrance. The private section of the house is made up of 2 floors. The upper one consists of the children’s bedrooms  (3) and bathrooms (2). The first floor houses the master bedroom with walk in closet, bathroom and laundry space, large family room and an office overlooking the main entrance.

The stair connecting both levels stretches along a wooden screen and enhances the linear plan organization, while services as the household’s library and reading area. The long stair space serves as an atrium with top operable windows which allow air flow and ventilation to control the temperature in the house.

The plan has been organized to allow maximum privacy to the users, but at the same time sustain an open floor plan feeling with many internal views between public functions in the house. Closets are external to the bedrooms, to allow easy access to laundry service.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Belmont, MA, US
My Role: architect
Additional Credits: YGS Design & Development