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Wiel Arets to lecture on 'Toward a Hybrid Metropolis' in Chicago

By WielAretsArchitects
Mar 23, '15 7:37 AM EST

On March 30th, 2015, under the banner of the 'Presidential Lecture Series', Wiel Arets will give a lecture entitled 'Toward a Hybrid Metropolis', at the IIT's Herman Hall. The lecture will wander around the idea that today's cities are currently undergoing a subtle yet powerful shift in the ways in which they function, the results of which will become readily apparent, decades from today. As the lecture will put forth, and elucidate upon; metropolises of the twenty first century will be hybrid–connected, automated, and noiseless.

IIT Presidential Lecture Series
'Toward a Hybrid Metropolis'
March 30th, 2015 15:30

Herman Hall
3241 South Federal Street
Chicago, Illinois 60616
United States of America