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Wiel Arets Moleskine book presentation at AEDES in Berlin on December 14th

By WielAretsArchitects
Dec 11, '12 11:30 AM EST

Wiel Arets: Inspiration and Process in Architecture (Moleskine, 2012) is a new book exploring the relationships between the sources of inspiration that influence the work of Wiel Arets. Frozen thoughts, exaggerated perspectives, snapshots, and diagrammatic sketches fill the book’s pages. The Aedes Network Campus Berlin (ANCB) is a ‘Metropolitan Laboratory’ and will host the first presentation of this book, including a moderated conversation between architects Wiel Arets, Peter Wilson, and Cino Zucchi–all of whom are featured subjects in this series’ latest release.

Book presentation and podium discussion
Sketch, Script, Score: Figures of Architectural Thinking

A conversation between Wiel Arets, Peter Wilson and Cino Zucchi presenting the ‘Inspiration and Process in Architecture’ Moleskine book series.

ANCB The Metropolitan Laboratory

December 14th, 2012 18:00
Christinenstraße 18
Berlin, Germany

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