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WAA publish new photography of Leidsche Rijn College in Utrecht

By WielAretsArchitects
Sep 21, '18 11:25 AM EST

Leidsche Rijn College is situated about 30 minutes south of Amsterdam, and was completed in the mid-2000’s. It is a custom designed school for secondary education, whose load bearing, prefabricated, and textured façade elements lend to it, a monumental scale. Four wings branch out from a central volume, whose roof is suspended from four massive I-beams, which–much like S. R. Crown Hall by Mies van der Rohe in Chicago–allow the central space to be column free. Contained within the double-height ground floor of the central volume are two staircases that function as both seating and the primary routing. On the double-height third floor are three basketball courts, which can mutate to accommodate several sports. This series of new photographs provides a glimpse of the school's daily life.

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