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V' House nominated for the 2014 Maastricht 'Victor de Stuers Award'

By WielAretsArchitects
Jun 13, '14 1:21 PM EST

Located in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Maastricht–in the south the Netherlands–V' House is the private residence of a couple that collects vintage cars. Its foreside is composed of structural glazing, onto which a rastorized image of curtains fluttering in the wind has been fritted, for privacy, in tandem with interior curtains. Automobile entry to the house occurs via two doors within the structural glazing that simultaneously retract, while only one door retracts for entry to the house by foot. These doors are the only entry to the house; they are remotely opened via the owners' programmed smartphones. The ground floor is open the exterior elements, which introduces a void to the site; the first floor living room hangs over half of this outdoor space, which roofs the collection of vintage cars below. This living room is contiguous to the house's kitchen to create one fluid space on the first floor, while above is the master bedroom, which opens onto the roof of the living room below to create a sprawling roof terrace. Capping the house is a second, enormous roof terrace, which overlooks the stately spired skyline of Maastricht.

Awarded annually, the prize winner will be announced on June 20th, 2014 at 16:00, within Maastricht's City Hall.

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