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The Allianz Headquarters in Zürich, activates its plaza and urban context

By WielAretsArchitects
Nov 30, '15 9:52 AM EST

Completed in spring 2014, the Allianz Headquarters in Zürich has been in use for nearly two years. During that time the district in which the building is located has matured, as construction subsided. Since the building's opening, all remaining components of the master planned area were completed, including the pedestrian only Richtiplatz–the heart of this new urban area. The Allianz Headquarters is bound by arcades along its many street facing façades–all of which are outfit with custom designed WAA light fixtures–which provide shelter to the area's residents and visitors, for instance, from any unexpected rain. A small fountain is located in the center of Richtiplatz to remind its occupants that, while their immediate context was recently created, the center of the urbanity–Zürich's city center–in which the district sits, is a swift tram ride away.

New imagery of Allianz Headquarters